अब नाम के हकदार पहले आप

Lucknow IPL Team नाम बनाओ, नाम कमाओ, अब नाम के हकदार पहले आप , IPLमें पहली बार Fans रखेंगे टीम के नाम

Suggest name for Lucknow IPL Team नाम बनाओ नाम कमाओ

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13 thoughts on “Lucknow IPL Team, suggest name for Lucknow IPL team”
  1. Sir ,
    it is my pleasure to be a part of first ever such campaign for fans. I have proposed a name for the team – Lucknow Rising Warriors ( LRW)

    I would like to request you to break the merger with Kolkata club ATK-MOHUNBAGAN FC .

    RPSG group should establish a Club In nearby Ayodhya . Name of the club will be – Ayodhya Rising FC .

    Rising will be common for RPSG.

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